Leave Your Honey-Do List to Us

We’ll address your household repairs and replacements

Over time, your home starts to deteriorate. Paint will chip, wood will rot and leaks will spring up in areas you didn’t know existed. That’s where we come in. If you’re concerned about the condition of your home or rental property, call Pahl’s Construction for repair and replacement services. We can get your home back in prime condition.

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Let us take care of your home’s flaws

With years of experience in the construction business, we know what it takes to keep a home properly maintained. We offer the following services to help you keep your home in order:

Air filter replacement
Insulation installation
Door adjustment, repair and replacement
Draft guard and weather stripping installation
Hardware repair and replacement
Rotten wood repair and replacement
Light interior and exterior painting
Siding repair and replacement
Window repair and replacement
Gutter repair and replacement
Roof leak repair
General home repair
Water intrusion prevention
Water sealant installation
Vapor barrier installation
Minor concrete repair, replacement and sealing
General plumbing and HVAC service

Discuss the condition of your property with the general contractors at Pahl’s Construction right now. We’ll find solutions to your home’s defects.